Managed Security Service Program

Outsource your security monitoring to us & experience our Unique iSOC Managed Security Service which includes the provisioning of an AI Based SIEM, and a NextGen Security Orchestration and Automation Platform.

Compromise / Breach Assessment

Discover potential, current or occurred security compromises with our Breach Assessment Services. Our method is a combination of forensic analysis, cutting-edge technologies and an experienced team.

Red & Purple Teaming

The Red & Purple Teaming Service emulates the behaviours & methodologies of malicious attackers in the most realistic environment. This service aims to equip organisations with a systematic incident response mechanism to deal with real cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity Services at it's finest

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CyberSecurity Compliance

Discover our one-stop solution for Governance, Risk & Compliance service that is built on an integrated collection of capabilities & experience. Certifications include but not limited to COBIT, ISO 27001:2015, PCIDSS, SOC Type-1 & Type 2, & 3rd Party Independent Security Audit.


The Rent-a-CISO Service is ideal for organisations who are looking to hire CISO without baring the full-time hiring costs. Our Rent-a-CISO program is customised to fit your Information Technology Landscape.

Source Code Review

The Source Code Review service aims at discovering vulnerabilities in the early phase of the SDLC process & thus reducing remediation efforts & cost. Our methods are benched marked agains OWASP Top 10, SANS 25 & international best practices.

Operational Security

We also provide the typical OpSec assessments such as VAPT, PCI-ASV Scans, DDoS Test, Application Stress Test, Network Architecture Review, Social Engineering Assessments etc.

Computer Forensics

  • We maintain strict affiliations with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to empower its digital intelligence and investigations. The team is trained to assist agencies in executing search warrants that may involve particularly sophisticated and technical countermeasures.

Cloud & IoT Security Assessment

Engage us to assess your cloud-based infrastructure & IoT Technologies. Our assessment aims to gauge several components such as secure communication encryption, cryptographic identification capabilities, configurable root trust store etc. Now, your cloud & digital transformation journey does not have to compromise on security anymore. 

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