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Our Security Library features original Information Security articles with information that can help make your (cyber & real) life better.

Penetration Testing: Does your organisation need it and why?

This paper is intended for project directors or managers who take decisions regarding information security for their organisations. This paper explains the penetration testing process in order to enable project directors or managers to determine if this process is appropriate for them.

We can guide you through the steps and help you make the right choice.

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Are you on the road to getting hacked?

Yes! You can get hacked easily regardless of the size or reputation of your organisation. Sometimes the lack of knowledge about certain basic security measures could result in cyber attacks, large financial losses or being cheated by so called information security vendors.

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Your data is a part of your life so keep it safe while you travel

Cybercriminals carry out most of its activities when you're distracted and have lowered your guards. Let's discuss a few tips you can keep in mind while you're out travelling because it's better to be safe than to come back and deal with a number of problems you didn't anticipate. Data breaches are very time consuming, frustrating and can incur large financial losses.

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Why computer forensics is scarier than dating Taylor Swift?

I guess most of you have heard the country-tuned music of the mega pop-star Taylor Swift. Well, she has got quite appealing looks with golden locks and red lips. But she is also well known for being obsessed with cats and putting her ex-flings on blast in song. So yes dating Taylor Swift can be scary

What could be scarier than having your actions behind the curtains exposed in song? Well, it's scarier when a forensic investigator exposes your cyber nasty through a series of digital evidence. To put it simply everything you do on the internet leaves some sort of evidence. So hiding behind the screen is not necessarily easy, at least for an ordinary computer user.

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