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Forensic Computing is the process of identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidence in a manner that is legally acceptable.

Whether the offenders commit crime through the wires or not, all types of crime now tend to have digital evidence involved. We are like the Sherlock Homes of the digital era and will make sure you get your evidence right.

AKATI maintains affiliations with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to empower its digital intelligence and investigations. The team is trained to assist agencies in executing search warrants that may involve particularly sophisticated and technical countermeasures.

AKATI has world-class professionals working in a modern and highly sophisticated digital forensics lab equipped with the latest technology. We can assure you that our forensic experts are dedicated and capable of helping your organisation avoid and overcome situations where your evidence has been mishandled in any way.

Amongst our vast areas of expertise would be:

  • Digital Discovery
  • Prosecution
  • Civil Cases

Digital Discovery

Incomplete analysis and faulty conclusions regarding electronic evidence in civil litigation and criminal cases is common and too often goes unchallenged. Forensic science disciplines have affected countless criminal investigations dramatically and have provided compelling testimony in scores of trials. Too often when there is a case where computer evidence is involved, you may find that the prosecution's computer evidence is completely misleading.

AKATI helps identify, acquire, restore, and analyze electronic data in litigation. We start from tape restoration to hard drive imaging, our full-time, certified forensic, discovery, and testifying experts are highly experienced in acquiring all the data evidence you need.

Computer forensic science is used most effectively when only the most probative information and details of the investigation are provided to the forensic examiner. The purpose of the computer examination is to find information related to the case. Computer forensic science makes no interpretive statement as to the accuracy, reliability, or discriminating power of the actual data or information.

In a contested legal action, AKATI uses worldwide accepted forensic methodology to sort through the vast amount of data and we provide an unbiased review of the evidence, insights into case strategies and weaknesses to ensure the true story is heard.

Vital errors are often made by the prosecution in connection with the examination and interpretation of the computer evidence, resulting in many cases either having the computer evidence thrown out in court, or the case withdrawn.

Our team will examine every aspect of the case using computer evidence and attend the trials if required as an expert witness.


As difficult as it would be to scan a directory of every file on a computer system, it would be equally difficult for law enforcement personnel to read and assimilate the amount of information contained within the files.

It is likely to be impossible from a practical standpoint to completely and exhaustively examine every file stored on a seized computer system, as the average storage capacity in a personally owned microcomputer approaching 30 gigabytes (GB; Fischer 1997), and systems readily available that have 60-GB storage capacity or more. Computer forensic science is used most effectively when only the most probative information and details of the investigation are provided to the forensic examiner. Even though the examiner may have the legal right to search every file, time limitations and other judicial constraints may not permit it.

Our Team can help by conducting a simple but thorough examination of your computers if your department is finding it hard to cope with the backlog or if you need help on a one-off operation.

Civil Cases

Employment Law / Employee Disciplinary and Termination

A research by McAfee recently revealed that European businesses are increasingly at risk from the inside as employees repeatedly expose valuable and sensitive company information by transferring an increasing amount of confidential data out of the business. Another survey by the Information Management Journal March/April 2006, shows that sixty one percent of employees use their work-issued e-mail accounts for personal reasons.

Mostly all these violations involves a digital component. To fully investigate an employment issue, the relevant authorities need a complete picture of the bits and bytes on the targeted employees' hard drives. This is where AKATI can help by capturing every bit and byte on the hard drive last used by the employee. We will attempt to build a complete picture of the employee's computer conduct; breaking passwords, accessing internet history files and cookies, recovering deleted files and e-mails, analyzing date and time stamps, finding files stored in the hidden sections of a hard drive, recovering instant messaging conversations if possible and looking for any removable media types that interacted with the computer. We hope to help you avoid an expensive Employment Tribunal case.

Internal Data Security

Businesses today are faced with the challenge of protecting critical enterprise data such as corporate financials, credit card details, personal identity, and intellectual property information, not only from internal threats but outsiders as well.

A survey by network integrator NextiraOne on 227 security professionals, found that 47% of them classify at least half of their company's data as confidential but, only 18% of them believe that this sensitive data is being properly protected.

AKATI will help to enforce corporate security policies and prevent unauthorized or suspicious access to sensitive data by using various methods from real-time alerts for automatic notification whenever policies are violated to blocking of unauthorized or anomalous transactions, custom policy actions such as automated account lock-outs and VPN port shut-downs and creating compliance modules.

Procedures and Policies

Security is critical to the physical network, computer operating systems, and application programs and each area offers its own set of security issues and risks. A comprehensive security plan includes components such as confidentiality and privacy, access, accountability, authentication, availability, and Information Technology system and network maintenance. AKATI will help identify key concerns and issues faced by the client at the application, host, and network level. Our topmost priority is to maintain a balance between the desire to promote the free exchange of ideas and its need for security of critical information and systems.

Accidentally Deleted Files

Any important documents, data or files that has been deleted can be restored. AKATI will save you from the panic. We can restore deleted data quickly and effectively depending on how fast you move. Files damaged by viruses or spyware can also be restored. We search and preview deleted files in a simple and intuitive way and guarantee results.