Hacker Discovers Critical Vulnerabilities in Windows & Adobe Reader

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Let’s learn about some newly found vulnerabilities.

An extensive list of Adobe Reader and Windows vulnerabilities was discovered and published by Google Project Zero hacker, Mateusz Jurczyk by researching into a relatively obscure area of font management.

This constituted of 15 vulnerabilities that could trigger remote code execution or privilege escalation in Adobe Reader or the Windows kernel.

The most damaging vulnerabilities  (detailed as CVE-2015-3052 for 32-bit and CVE-2015-0093 for 64-bit) exist in the Adobe Type Manager Font Driver, which has existed in the Windows kernel since Windows NT 4.

“The extremely powerful primitive provided by the vulnerability – together with the fact that it affected all supported versions of both Adobe Reader and Microsoft Windows thus making it possible to create an exploit chain leading to a full system compromise with just a single bug – makes it one of the most interesting security issues I have discovered so far,”

Jurczyk said.

“The video demonstrates reliable exploitation of a vulnerability in the handling of the BLEND instruction in Type 1 fonts, used in two stages to first achieve arbitrary code execution in Adobe Reader 11.0.10, and further escape the sandbox and elevate privileges to System by attacking the Adobe Type Manager Font Driver in the Windows 8.1 Update 1 32-bit (or 64-bit) kernel”,

he added.

'Not bad kid, but you'd be vulnerable to attacks here and here.'

‘Not bad kid, but you’d be vulnerable to attacks here and here.’

According to welivesecurity.com the Project Zero program vulnerability disclosure has been postponed by Google for an additional two weeks.

Google has stated that the additional 14 day ‘grace period’ for vendors will “improve industry response times to security bugs, but will result in softer landings for bugs marginally over deadline”.

The Blog post of Jurczyk along with his presentation is available at: http://j00ru.vexillium.org/?p=2520

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