Phone-cracking Company “Cellebrite” Got Cracked !

Hello Again Folks ! It’s been awhile and I hope the new year has been treating you kindly but not so for this company. The Israeli company Cellebrite, founded 1999 and with six offices around the world, has fallen victim for what most of us trying very hard to fight […]

Retefe Banking Trojan Targets UK Banking Customers

Hi guys, As previously reported by  Paloalto Research ‘Retefe banking Trojan’ has been around for some time, targeting Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. Recently Retefe had been targeting customers in UK banks. It uses fake certificates to trick customers into revealing their login credentials. At first, the victim receives a document with an […]

Several Bugs Found in Uber App

Hello everybody, The security firm called Integrity discovered 14 bugs in the Uber app recently. But they have only published details about six and are waiting on Uber to patch four more. One of the main issues they discovered had the potential to launch brute-force attacks against Uber’s promo code feature in […]

How Facebook “Store Visits” Work

Hi guys, Facebook is now allowing advertisers to know when you visit their stores—stores in the real world. This is made possible by tracking your Smart phone’s location with GPS and nearby Wi-Fi signals. Then combining this data with the ads you see, Facebook is able to tell how many […]

Security Breach at Hard Rock Cafe

Hello All, Hard Rock Cafe and Casino Las Vegas has alerted customers about a data breach. Their statement mentions that customer data may have been compromised if they visited the resort between October 27th, 2015 and March 21st, 2016. The resort started investigating the card payment methods they used, following […]

Cyber Criminals Targeting the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

Hi guys, Going to Watch the Olympics this year? Just as the cybercriminals leverage on popular sports events like the World Cup, they have started doing it with the Olympics. However the forthcoming Olympic Games have seen fewer attacks. This could be because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) keeps a very […]

Hackers using your site to boost their SEO ratings

Hi everybody, Now hackers use your site to boost their SEO ranking even without your knowledge. Illicit websites selling everything from drugs and adult content to counterfeit goods are using illegally created referral links from legitimate websites. Amichai Shulman, co-founder and CTO of Imperva, explained that more than 700 host IP […]

Thanatos: Malware that Attacks Malware

Hi everybody, Thanatos is a new strain of malware that can scan a target network for other malware and it gets its ability to target other malware through the use of intelligent plugins. It’s named after the Greek God of death for this reason. Reportedly the malware is available at […]

What’s Locky Ransomware ?

Hello everybody, Locky Ransomware Spreads via Flash and Windows Kernel Exploits. A zero-day exploit (designated as CVE-2016-1019) was found in Adobe Flash Player recently. Magnitude Exploit Kit, used this flaw soon after and Adobe released an out-of-cycle patch. This flaw was exploited to lead drive-by download attacks with Locky ransomware as the payload. There’s more threats except […]

Public Servants in Singapore will Lose Internet at Work

Hi folks! Public servants in Singapore will be denied internet on work computers from May next year. The reason given is the risk of sending out work emails and shared documents. Officials have said that employees across government will be barred from forwarding any work-related information to personal emails. Online […]