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AKATI Consulting already holds a high reputation as a premier provider of information security consulting services. AKATI group now goes beyond the service sector with the newly established AKATI Academy which specialises in providing world class Cyber Security training for highly sought after Information Assurance and Cyber Security courses.

We offer a broad range of specialised Cyber Security courses for IT professionals and executives. With the increasing Cyber Security concerns, organisations are demanding for highly qualified, trained and competent Information security professionals to effectively defend their networks and remain resilient.

Sophisticated security software, regular security assessments and stringent security policies alone cannot ensure good information security standards in an organisation. It requires the personnel to be well trained, updated and knowledgeable about information security aspects. Professional trainings and certifications play a significant part in the continuous development of IT professionals.

AKATI Academy aspires to develop the capacity of IT professionals of all levels by assessing the training needs according to tasks entailed in each Information Security role. We aim to formulate appropriate capacity building programmes to address the knowledge and skills gap of Information Security professionals of each level.

At AKATI Academy, we achieve this goal by adopting a unique approach that goes far beyond traditional training methods. AKATI Academy has a specially designed academic laboratory which gives the real feel of a cyber security centre. This allows the students to emerge in the practical aspects of security which truly trains them for the real-world work environment.

AKATI Academy's performance driven courses are designed to assess the participant's capability prior to attending the course, and after attending the course. Additionally, we assist the respective organisations to keep track of their human capital development by delivering a formal report on the participant's performance that can serve as a baseline indicator for further development.

Our Instructors

All programmes at AKATI Academy are delivered by world-class instructors, renowned as subject-matter-experts with proven expertise in their respective disciplines. For every training course we conduct, we provide our students with the profile of the instructor to ensure the student are aware of the value of the training they receive.

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AKATI Academy has successfully trained hundreds of Information Security professionals and students worldwide including professionals in Law enforcement, banking sectors and global IT organisations. We strive to deliver exceptional return of investment to our course participants.

AKATI Academy also maintains successful collaborations with international training partners in order to utilize global expertise and assist countries to develop cyber-security capabilities and resilience.

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Upcoming Official CISSP Training in Kuala Lumpur: 10-14 October 2016
Upcoming Official CISSP Training in Miri, Sarawak: 17-21 October 2016
AKATI Consulting is (ISC)2 Official Training Provider
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